Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where does the music come from

Seriously!! How many of you have ever found yourself watching an old movie and the lead actor(actress) began singing and then wait, an orchestra joined them.

I have always found this odd. I ask myself where is the orchestra and how did they know when to come in. Was it fate? Was it luck? I'll never know.

Also, I love in old movies when they act like they just happened to decide to dance or sing and then everyone else in the nearby vicinity knows the whole song or dance too.

These are the many quandries that haunt me when I watch old movies and musicals.

One day soon I will be able to understand it all.

Until then. Quandries Away!


Blogger timf said...

Have you ever seen polar express? The sliegh bell thing is directly related to what you are talking about. You must believe before you can hear...


4:58 PM  

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