Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So soon!!!!

Well today I officially started classes again.

It was pretty eventful. They gave me the wrong teacher and tried to switch me into his class and then -- huh! -- they realized that the teacher wasn't teaching it this quarter.

So I'm stuck with a new teacher. It should be good. Because I'm a transfer student they are making me take the fundamentals of visual communications course again. phooeee!

Other than that it's been crazy busy in my life as usual.

(I have not forgotten my promise to put up more of my artwork. It is coming soon....)


Blogger Gwen said...

boooooo! classes!!!! this means we'll hear from you even less than we already do! ;-)

just kidding.

snickers, right. still can't remember why i'm sending them but i'll do it..someday..i promise. coffcoff.

yeah i just spent over an hour registering for my fall semester this afternoon..i'm taking second semester of anat. and phys as well as microbiology and spanish. i'm pretty sure i'm going to just go jump off a cliff come novemberish.

let's hope not.

10:09 PM  

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