Sunday, August 13, 2006

Divisionary Love...

So I've been writing a lot of songs lately and been praying about the whole idea of me and worship leading. The Lord's been really gracious as I pursue Him in my personal times of worship when it's just me, the Bible and My God. Soon I will be part of helping out lead worship for 4th and 5th grade kids. What a great age to learn how important it is to worship our Creator!

But back to the actual topic: Divisionary Love. This may take up a few days of pondering and working through the idea that is in my head, so bear with me as I allow you to come on the mental journey through this topic.

I was writing a song about love and the idea that it takes you higher and to a more intimate place than pretty much anything else in the world. This got me thinking about what types of things love takes you through. Which are more important than the others. Are the easy times? Are the hard times? Does it really matter? The more I think about it and read through scripture and listen to what the Lord is showing me in my own life, it is the hard times in love that bring you to a higher and more intimate part of the relationship. I termed this divisionary love.

The whole idea circles around the fact that when you work through something that could possibly be divisive to the relationship with someone you love it creates a whole new level in the relationship. This applies to anything. Your relationship with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, etc. The whole premise is that through the hard times in a relationship and through the times where you can't seem to get out and break through, it happens.

You don't really know when it will happen or how it will happen but it does. And those times are the sweetest and most dear. When you break through divisionary love makes you feel like you are soaring above the trees, the clouds and anything else below. It takes you to a place you've never seen before and makes you feel what you never thought possible...


Blogger pete said...

You are so right. It's the tough times that either make you or break you. Especially in a relationship. Intriguing thoughts.

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